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In-situ Device Fabricator



     In-situ Device Fabricator is a product line developed for smart and efficient in-situ device fabrication


   It can integrate with different FUTEC single-core evaporators to achieve patterned device fabrication or film growth. Customized mask patterns can enable different transport measurements. Mask holders and sample holders can be independently replaced in-situ. It can accommodate STM, ARPES, MBE standard flag-type holders, Elmitec LEEM holders, or customized sample/mask holders. 



Key Features


  • Model: IDF1200

  • Flange: DN40CF (OD2.75”)

  • Device: ~16 Hall Patterns (or Customize)

  • Device Electrode Width: >= 10 μm

  • Device Electrode Gap:   >= 10 μm

  • Holder: Flagtype/Elmitec LEEM(or Customize)

  • In-situ Replace Device Patterns and Samples

  • Max Temp: 1200 ℃

  • PID stability +/-0.1℃

  • Thermal Couple: K-type

  • In vacuum Length: 150-450 mm

  • Robust and reliable Ta filament

  • Smart Shutter Manual or Motorized

  • Crucible volume 4 cc